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From Black & Gray To Color... We've Got You Covered.

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The team at Forbidden Color Tattoo is an eccentric bunch, dedicated to give you the most bad ass ink you can find. They've committed their lives to the art of tattooing. Like what you see? Come in today & let one of our artists design you up!

Meet our crew

Johnny Lance was born and raised in Waynesville, NC and is the owner of Forbidden Color Tattoos. Johnny has been an artist his entire life and has talents that reach beyond tattooing to piercing, canvas painting and motorcycle painting. He has been a licensed tattoo artist for the last 20+ years, and for him, "tattooing is not a passion, it is a way of life." Johnny has been the owner of Forbidden Color Tattoo in Waynesville, NC since 1995.

The man behind the ink- Meet Johnny Lance

Take your tattoos to the next level! From touch-ups to full sleeves, you'll come out with the ink you're looking for.

Cassidy has co-owned Forbidden Color Tattoo with Johnny Lance for the past 10 years. As well as being a licensed tattoo artist, Cassidy is also licensed in permanent make-up and cosmetology. "Everything I do and strive to become goes hand and hand with tattooing."

Stop by today and browse our crew's tattoos and artwork.

Miss Cassidy Morgan

Coleman Morgan

Coleman was born and raised in small town USA and has been tattooing for 5 years. He enjoys the art and skill of color tattoo work above most. He has a sense of humor unique to only him. Coleman's act for making people laugh, and his general light energy is accommodating when trying to ease any nervousness you might have. He spends his days outside the studio enjoying life, and working on becoming a "master bowler

Coleman Morgan Scott Aldredge

Scott Aldredge

Cassidy Morgan

Scott Aldredge was born and raised in Haywood County, NC and has been a faithful employee of Forbidden Color Tattoo for many years. He is the work behind the scenes of the studio and operates as top manager. As a long time friend of the owner, Mr. Johnny Lance, Scott has a hidden passion for the long time success of the studio. Scott is the man answering the phone when you call and is one of the great personalities that makes Forbidden Color Tattoo the ONLY place to get your next piece of body art.