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If you want to minimize your time applying makeup every day and save money, cosmetic tattooing is perfect for you. With cosmetic tattooing, you can safely augment many facial features, including your eyebrows, scars, hair loss and more.

Enhance your natural features


Whether your facial features are affected by a condition or illness, or you simply want to look better, permanent makeup is a semi-invasive procedure that can improve how you look and feel. You can trust our artists for expert skin tone matching and three-dimensional tattoos that mimic your natural facial features.

Meet Mrs. Cassidy Morgan Lance

 •  People with makeup allergies

 •  People who work out

 •  People with oily skin

 •  People with physical limitations

 •  Both men and women

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Get rid of expensive makeup products with beautiful and safe permanent makeup.

 •  Eyebrows

 •  Eyes

 •  Eye lashes

 •  Lips

 •  Areolas

 •  Hair

Call to learn how permanent makeup can benefit you.

It's perfect for:

Enhance your:

Permanent makeup is also perfect for people with various health conditions including Alopecia, Vitiligo, and Trichotillomania. Along with gorgeous, natural looking cosmetic tattoos, you can stop by anytime for a custom tattoo. You can also get to know the talented artists that will be handling your tattoos and piercings.

Make your signature look last forever

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