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Pulsar Vaporizer Features are Easy to use, with a One-Button Activation System and Compact Design Compatible with Oils/e-Juices.


Buck Naked.

If you are looking to do some serious vaporizing, stop by Forbidden color today and talk to our qualified team about the Pulsar Buck Naked Express product we are now carrying. This clever pen vaporizer works with e-liquid nicotine’s, oils and waxes. The transparent cartridge design is quite effective in allowing you to see the liquid and material inside. Although the Buck Naked vaporizer may not be the strongest oil vaporizer on the market today, it is sure to help in getting the job done in assisting  with putting away the real deal cigarettes. The multiple flavor choices are great to try by themselves, and it’s also enjoyable to mix them together for additional vaporizing flavors. Enjoy the smooth flow of the new Buck Naked vaporizers.


Stop by today for more information or to test out one of the flavors.



Feel free to stop by and ask us about the different flavors that we carry for our vaporizors.


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